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Product details

The Fork from the Chianino Collection is designed to be the perfect companion to serving knives, ideal for handling all types of cuts of meat with elegance and precision. Equipped with two long, thin and pointed prongs, this fork makes it easy to control while cutting, allowing you to grip the food firmly without damaging the delicate fibers of the meat. This equipment is essential for serving the various preparations in a professional manner, ensuring that each slice is impeccably presented to diners. The sophisticated and functional design of the Chianino Fork makes it an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen, both during preparation and service, elevating the culinary experience to a higher level of refinement and practicality.

Suitable for
Pieces per package
Handle color
Black, Cream, White
Handle material
Black Methacrylate, Olive wood, White Methacrylate
Handle finishing
Satiny, Shiny
Handle type
Whole tang
Blade length
18 CM
Blade material
Stainless steel
Blade finishing
Blade type
Laser-cut blade
30 cm
131 g, 153 g

Useful tips

Guide to Fork Selection

Choosing a quality fork is essential for anyone who wants to handle large pieces of meat or roasts with ease and confidence. A good fork must have long and sturdy prongs, capable of penetrating and effectively supporting even the heaviest cuts of meat. The distance between the prongs is important: they must be spaced enough to offer good support without damaging the meat. The handle should be solid and non-slip, preferably made of heat and moisture-resistant materials, to ensure a secure grip during use. High-quality stainless steel is the most recommended material for strength and ease of cleaning.

To keep your fork in perfect condition, you should wash it by hand after each use with warm water and a neutral detergent. Avoid soaking it for long periods or using abrasive cleaners that can damage the metal surface. Dry the fork thoroughly after washing to prevent stains and streaks. Store it in such a way as to take care that the prongs cannot be damaged.

The fork is especially useful for turning or transferring large pieces of meat from the oven to the table or from the grill to the plate. When using the fork, gently insert the prongs into the piece of meat, being careful not to slip the fork or unnecessarily pierce the meat several times, as this can cause valuable juices to be lost.

Safety is paramount when handling the fork, given its ability to pierce. Always make sure you have a good grip before lifting or moving meat, and keep the fork away from children. When not in use, the fork should be stored in a safe place, possibly with a protection on the prongs, to prevent accidents. Avoid using the fork on hard surfaces that may blunt the tips of the prongs or damage the tool.

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