Elevate the experience of every meal with our table knives Consigli. Designed to combine superb functionality and refined aesthetics, these knives turn any dinner into a special occasion. Enjoy the smooth and precise cutting experience, ideal for every deck.

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Black Methacrylate
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scarperia Collection

Scarperia Table Knife

set of 6 knives from 150,00 
Olive wood
Ox horn
pattada Collection

Pattada Table Knife

set of 6 knives 500,00 
Black Methacrylate
Olive wood
Ox horn
White Methacrylate
chianino Collection

Chianino Table Knife

set of 6 knives from 250,00 
Black Methacrylate
Olive wood
Ox horn
White Methacrylate
falorni Collection

Falorni Table Knife

set of 6 knives from 350,00 

Tips for
Table knives

How to recognize a good table knife?

A good table knife can be recognised for the quality of the blade and the comfort of the handle. Look for knives with sharp, durable blades that can cut effectively without tearing food. The handle should be ergonomic, fitting comfortably in the hand to ensure safe and enjoyable use during meals. High-quality materials for handles and blades, such as stainless steel, are indicators of durability and ease of maintenance.

What knife is used to cut meat?

To cut meat, a steak knife is typically used. These knives have sharp, smooth blades, which are ideal for cutting boneless meat precisely. The steak knife allows you to make clean and clean cuts, which is essential for a flawless presentation and to preserve the juiciness and tenderness of the meat.

How do you use a table knife?

A table knife is used by holding the handle with a secure grip, using the blade to cut with gentle, controlled movements. It is important to use the knife in combination with a fork that holds the food in place while cutting. Avoid using excessive force, letting the sharp blade do most of the work.

Which knives does table etiquette require?

Table etiquette includes different types of knives depending on the dish served:

  1. Table knife: Used for most main dishes, it has a slightly serrated blade to handle a variety of foods.
  2. Steak knife: for meat dishes, with a sharper and smoother blade for clean cuts.
  3. Fish knife: with a thinner and more flexible blade, ideal for gently separating the meat from the bones.
  4. Butter knife: With a dull blade, used to spread butter or other soft toppings.

Following these directions not only guarantees an elegant dining experience but also respects the rules of good manners at the table, showing attention and respect for other diners.


Choosing the right knife can transform food preparation from a task to an art. First of all, consider the material of the blade: stainless steel resists rust and requires less maintenance, while carbon steel stays sharp longer. The balance of the knife is crucial; A good knife should feel like an extension of your hand. Finally, the handle should be comfortable and fit well in your grip, to ensure safety and control when cutting. Our range of kitchen knives is designed to meet all these needs thanks to high quality materials and innovative design.

The "best kitchen knife" is the one that perfectly suits your needs and culinary style, and no one knows this better than Consigli, a company that has been leading excellence in knife manufacturing since 1962. If we talk about versatility, Consigli's carving knife earns the podium in the kitchen, thanks to its ability to chop, slice and shred a wide range of foods with precision.

In reality, the choice of the best knife varies depending on the type of food or processing you intend to perform. Whether you're looking for a knife for filleting fish, one for finely chopping herbs, or a sturdy one for cutting thick meats, you'll find the right knife for your every need on this site.

Excellence in forging, combined with an ergonomic design, makes every knife from Consigli a long-lasting and reliable companion in the kitchen. Remember, the best knife is one that not only makes the job easier but also stimulates the desire to explore new recipes and culinary techniques.

In the kitchen of every gastronomy enthusiast, some knives are absolutely indispensable to ensure precise and satisfactory preparations. Consigli, with its tradition and craftsmanship, offers a range of knives that every cook should have in their culinary arsenal.

  1. Carving or Chef Knife: Consigli's chef's knife is the epitome of versatility. Perfect for chopping, slicing, and shredding, this knife can handle almost any type of ingredient, making it the mainstay on which every kitchen is built. Its sturdy blade and perfect balance provide exceptional control, which is indispensable for long cooking sessions.

  2. Bread Knife: The serrated blade of the Consigli bread knife allows you to effortlessly cut through hard crusts and soft crumbs without crushing the bread. It is an essential utensil for serving fresh bread or making gourmet sandwiches with precision.

  3. Paring knife: Small and precise, Consigli's paring knife is ideal for precision work such as peeling fruits and vegetables or carving decorations. Its small, handy blade makes it an agile tool for fine details in the kitchen.

  4. Boning Knife: Consigli's boning knife is designed to remove meat and fish from bones with maximum effectiveness. Its thin and flexible blade allows you to easily follow the curves of your bones, which is essential for those who want to maximize the use of meat and fish and reduce waste.

Equipping yourself with these essential knives means investing in tools that elevate every culinary experience, allowing you to prepare dishes with the same precision and passion that characterizes great chefs.

For sharpening, the choice of blade material is crucial; High-quality steels can be sharpened to extreme fineness and retain their cut for longer. However, it is thanks to manual sharpening that we ensure that each knife is optimized for superior cutting performance. This process not only refines the blade but also customizes its cutting angle according to the specific needs of the knife model, thus ensuring a precise and effective cut.

So, when talking about the sharpest knives, it is essential to consider not only the quality of the material but also the craftsmanship with which the sharpening is done. With a Consigli knife, you can be sure that you are using a tool that combines the best of materials with the art of manual sharpening, resulting in a product of excellence that stands out in the kitchen for its precision and durability.