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Chianino Table Knife

set of 6 knives from 370,00 $

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The Chianino Table Knife has been designed with the aim of combining aesthetics and functionality in every cut. This knife is ideal not only for gently and precisely slicing steaks and other types of meat, but also for serving elegant slices of fish, while keeping the taste and appearance of food intact. Its handle, which combines modern design elements with traditional accents, ensures unparalleled handling and precision. The smooth blade ensures a clean and precise cut, allowing you to enhance the quality of the food without altering its textures. Presented in an exclusive leather case that contains 6 pieces, the Chianino Table Knife is the expression of an ideal combination of functionality and style. It is the ideal choice for those looking for a knife that is not only a table tool, but also an element of distinction for any gastronomic occasion.

Suitable for
Leather pouch
Pieces per package
Handle color
Black, Cream, Horn, White
Handle material
Black Methacrylate, Olive wood, Ox horn, White Methacrylate
Handle finishing
Satiny, Shiny
Handle type
Whole tang
Blade length
11.5 CM
Blade material
Stainless steel
Blade finishing
Blade type
Laser-cut blade
23 cm
504 g, 633 g, 654 g
Chianino Table Knife
set of 6 knives from 370,00 $ Select options