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Pattada Table Knife

set of 6 knives 500,00 

Product details

The Pattada Table Knife is an elegant reinterpretation of the historic Sardinian colt of Pattada dating back to the late 1800s. This knife combines tradition with modern innovation to enhance every board and make every cut a real pleasure. Perfect for gently and effortlessly slicing a juicy steak or other type of meat, the Pattada Table Knife is just as effective at gently cutting tuna or swordfish steaks, while maintaining the flavor and appearance of the food. Equipped with a smooth and sharp blade, this knife guarantees a flawless cut, facilitated by an ergonomic handle that ensures easy handling and precision. Every detail is designed to provide a superior user experience. Presented in an elegant leather case containing 6 pieces, the Pattada Table Knife is the ideal addition for those looking not only for a functional utensil but also for a stylish object capable of enriching the aesthetics of the table by combining history, beauty and functionality.

Suitable for
Leather pouch
Pieces per package
Handle color
Cream, Horn
Handle material
Olive wood, Ox horn
Handle finishing
Satiny, Shiny
Handle type
Whole tang
Blade length
10.5 CM
Blade material
Stainless steel
Blade finishing
Glossy, Satin
Blade type
Laser-cut blade
22 cm
492 g, 528 g
Pattada Table Knife
set of 6 knives 500,00  Select options