A perfect synthesis of tradition, technique and elegance.

Fine Knives

For generations, the Consigli family has been producing with infinite passion and great skill kitchen knives, table knives and pocket knives of the Italian regional tradition, in the manner of the Scarperia cutlers who have made this profession an art since 1300.


A perfect knife comes from skillful, time-worn hands. The hands of artisans who, with commitment, passion and love for their work, create unique pieces every day in respect to that tradition that has been handed down over time and that represents the perfect example of Italian craftsmanship, made up of experience, skills and innovation.


The skills of each individual craftsman, but also a careful choice of materials, the result of experience and research. The steels are of excellent quality and treated from a thermal point of view with the utmost care that a craftsman can express, so that the perfect synthesis between elasticity and hardness is always guaranteed. The woods are carefully chosen and seasoned for years, thus ensuring the stability and success of the products. The horn comes exclusively from animals at the end of their life and is processed in accordance with traditional techniques. The plastics are actually methacrylate, also known as Plexiglas, which is processed from cold-cast sheet and stabilized before assembly.