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Carving knife

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Product details

The Carving Knife from the Chianino Collection is an indispensable ally in the kitchen, especially for those who require precision in cutting meats, cheeses and vegetables. This knife is designed to offer gentle and accurate cuts, making it easy to get things done thanks to its smooth and sharp blade. The ergonomic handle of the Carving Knife guarantees easy handling and precision, allowing the cook to maintain optimal control even in the most intense cooking sessions. The blade, made to withstand wear and tear and maintain its sharpness over time, allows you to slice, chop and shred ingredients with maximum efficiency, preserving the flavor and appearance of food. Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen, this knife not only makes it easy to prepare a variety of dishes, but also adds a touch of elegance and functionality to your kitchenware collection.

Suitable for
Cheese, Fruits and vegetables, Meat
Pieces per package
Handle color
Black, Cream, White
Handle material
Black Methacrylate, Olive wood, White Methacrylate
Handle finishing
Satiny, Shiny
Handle type
Whole tang
Blade length
16 CM
Blade material
Stainless steel
Blade finishing
Blade type
Laser-cut blade
28 cm
162 g, 168 g

Useful tips

Guide to Choosing a Carving Knife

The selection of a carving knife requires attention to the specific characteristics that define its effectiveness and versatility. A good carving knife must have a long and sturdy blade, made of stainless steel with a high carbon content, which guarantees durability and ease of sharpening. The shape of the blade should be wide enough at the base, tapering towards the tip, allowing both sliding movements for slicing and a comfortable pressure cut, such as for cheeses. The handle should offer a secure and comfortable grip, with slip-resistant materials even when wet, for optimal control when cutting.

To keep your carving knife in top condition, regular maintenance is important. After each use, wash the knife by hand with warm, soapy water, drying it immediately to prevent stains and streaks. Sharpening it regularly with a stone or sharpening steel helps keep the blade ready for use at all times. Storing the knife in a sheath or knife block prevents the blade from being damaged in contact with other tools, as well as reducing the risk of cutting yourself when you pick it up for use.

The carving knife is ideal for cutting and slicing portions of meat, but it can also be used for cheese and vegetables. Depending on the type of food, you will have to cut by sliding, allowing the blade to do most of the work without too much effort, or by pressure.

Using the carving knife requires attention and precaution to avoid injury. Always make sure that the cutting board is stable and placed on a non-slippery surface; It can be helpful to place a damp cloth under the cutting board for extra grip. Keep your fingers away from the path of the blade by protecting them and use safe cutting techniques. Avoid using the knife on hard surfaces such as glass or ceramic, which can damage the blade. After use, clean and store the knife safely to prevent accidents.

Carving knife
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