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Vegetable Knife


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Product details

The Vegetable Knife from the Chianino Collection is specifically designed to offer optimal performance in the preparation of vegetables. This knife allows you to make extremely precise and delicate cuts thanks to its small size, its sharp blade and its ability to slide easily through food without crushing it. The ergonomic handle of the Verdura Knife ensures excellent handling and control, making the knife an extremely precise tool that facilitates cutting work. This feature makes it ideal for those looking for safety and comfort during extended use. The smooth and curved blade of the knife has been designed to maintain the integrity, flavor and appearance of the food, ensuring clean and clean cuts in daily preparation in the kitchen. The Vegetable Knife is therefore an indispensable ally for those who want to combine functionality and style in their kitchen, improving the effectiveness and aesthetics of the preparation of dishes.

Suitable for
Fruits and vegetables
Pieces per package
Handle color
Handle material
White Methacrylate
Handle finishing
Handle type
Whole tang
Blade length
5 CM
Blade material
Stainless steel
Blade finishing
Blade type
Laser-cut blade
17 cm
117 g

Useful tips

Guide to Choosing a Vegetable Knife

Choosing a suitable knife for cutting vegetables is crucial for optimal results in the kitchen. A good vegetable knife must have a sharp and durable blade, capable of making clean cuts without crushing food. The blade should be made of stainless steel to resist corrosion and make cleaning easier. It is important that the knife has an adequate length for the type of vegetables that are most frequently prepared; A blade of about 15-20 cm is versatile for most vegetables. The handle must offer good ergonomics to prevent fatigue during prolonged use and ensure a secure grip even with damp hands.

To keep your vegetable knife in top condition, clean it immediately after each use with warm water and mild soap. Avoid soaking or washing it in the dishwasher, as these practices can damage the blade and handle. Dry the knife with a soft cloth to prevent oxidation and maintain sharpness. It is advisable to regularly sharpen the blade with a suitable stone or knife sharpener to maintain a precise and effective cut. Store the knife in a safe place, preferably in a knife block or on a magnetic strip.

Using the vegetable knife requires technique to maximize efficiency and minimize effort. Use smooth, controlled movements, always cutting on a stable cutting board. For hard vegetables such as carrots or potatoes, use light initial pressure to penetrate the surface, then proceed with a gliding motion. For leafy greens, stack the leaves and roll them up before making cross-cuts to create even strips. Keep the tip of the blade in contact with the cutting board and use a lever motion for greater accuracy.

Safety is essential when handling any type of knife. Be sure to always use a stable cutting board and place a non-slip cloth underneath it if necessary. Keep your fingers away from the path of the blade; Use the "claw" technique, with the knuckles curved inwards, to protect the fingertips. Never attempt to grab a dropped knife; Drop it safely and only pick it up when it is stationary. After use, clean and store the knife immediately to avoid accidents and keep the work area tidy and safe.

Vegetable Knife

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