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Product details

The cleaver from the Chianino Collection is the ideal tool for cutting large and thick pieces. This tool stands out for its generous size that makes it extremely effective, while maintaining surprising handling. The smooth and robust blade allows you to make precise and clean cuts on food, preserving the appearance and quality of the processed products.

Perfect for professional cooks but also for kitchen enthusiasts, the mannaretta of the Chianino Collection is an essential complement in any kitchen, offering versatility and reliability for a wide range of processes.

Suitable for
Cheese, Fruits and vegetables, Meat
Pieces per package
Handle color
Black, Cream
Handle material
Black Methacrylate, Olive wood
Handle finishing
Satiny, Shiny
Handle type
Whole tang
Blade length
18 CM
Blade material
Stainless steel
Blade finishing
Blade type
Laser-cut blade
30 cm
354 g, 367 g

Useful tips

Guide to Choosing the Cleaver

The choice of a cleaver, the traditional tool used to cut and process large pieces of meat or vegetables, must be made with care, considering both the quality of the material and the functionality. A good cleaver must have a sturdy blade, usually made of carbon steel, to ensure durability and wear resistance. The size of the blade and overall weight should be proportionate to the type of work you plan to do. The handle should be comfortable and provide a secure grip, ideally ergonomic to prevent fatigue during prolonged use.

Keeping the cleaver in good condition is essential to ensure its effectiveness and safety. Clean the blade after each use, removing food residues and dry it well to prevent the formation of possible stains and streaks. Periodically sharpen the blade with a stone or sharpening steel to maintain a clean and precise cut. Store the cleaver in a dry and safe place, possibly with a protective cover on the blade.

Using the cleaver requires technique and precision. Use stable, controlled movements, applying even pressure to avoid uneven cuts. It is essential to properly support the piece of meat or vegetable on a stable surface to prevent accidents.

Safety is very important when using the cleaver. Make sure you have adequate guards to prevent injuries and work on a stable surface and use a non-slip cutting board. Never leave the cleaver unattended, especially if the blade is exposed, and teach all users the correct practices for its safe use.

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